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Macor ® – machine generated ceramics immediately available

Macor machine generated ceramics MCI GmbHMACOR combines the performance of a technical ceramic with the versatility of a high performance polymer. The glass ceramic is an outstanding engineering material that can be machined with conventional tools.

A highlight in our range of products is the glass-ceramic Macor. These are machine generated ceramics. As a glass-ceramic materials are referred to, which are made of glass melts by controlled crystallization. Processing follows analogously glassmaking. The special feature of the ceramic production is the specific heat treatment which transforms the melt into a partly polycrystalline and partly glassy ceramic state.

The result is a glass-like white product having novel properties. Main components of our machine generated ceramics Macor® are silicon oxide SiO2 ca. 46%, magnesium oxide MgO and about 17% aluminum oxide Al2O3 about 16%.

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Shapal TM Hi-M soft

Shapal machine generated ceramics MCI GmbHAnother highlight in our product range. We present the machinable ceramic SHAPALTM Hi-M soft. The machine generated ceramics of the manufacturer Tokuyama Corporation came to market in early 2012.

SHAPALTM Hi-M soft is designed so that a high mechanical strength is achieved at the same time high thermal conductivity. The ceramic is a sintered composite of boron nitride and aluminum nitride (AlN-BN). Prices for semi-finished products and custom parts on request.


Zirkonoxid (Y-TZP)

Zirkonoxid machine generated ceramics MCI GmbHZirconiumoxide ZrO2 is one of the oldest oxide ceramic materials and was made about 80 years ago for the first time.

Only in the recent past, a so-called high-performance ceramics was made by adding certain oxides. As high-performance ceramic materials are referred to on the one hand archetypal ceramic characteristics (temperature resistance, corrosion resistance) with the other hand, atypical and only example Metals known properties combine (high strength and toughness). The high-strength as “ceramic steel” Marked zirconia doped with yttrium oxide (Y2O3) as Stabisilator.

We offer the so-called 5Y-TZP (with 5% yttrium oxide) or like some others as 3Y-TZP (3 mol% yttria) designated, doped tetragonal zirconia stabilized polycrystalline as advanced ceramics in our range of.